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NEOPlex Multi-Purpose Pumice Cleaner

Price: $19.95

Original NEOPlex Multi-Purpose hand cleaner with pumice is the driving force of hand cleaners. This heavy duty hand cleaner with abrasive pumice is specially formulated for extra cleaning power. For use on hands or any surface that won’t be damaged by abrasives. When you need extra scrubbing power...get the pumice.  


  • Non-toxic and bio-degradable
  • Extra conditioners leave your hands soft and smooth
  • 13oz net weight


  • Landscapers - remove tree sap, mud, dirt, manure, grease and oil from equipment and more. Effectively pulls dirt from under nails for a more thorough clean.
  • Mechanics - remove grease, oil, black tire grime, carbon and more. Does not use petroleum so hands get cleaner, but all of the dark, greasy build up is removed just as easily.
  • Construction workers - Clean off adhesive sprays and other sticky goo, remove paint, wash away grout and cement, etc.
  • Homeowners - clean up after working in the yard, wash away stubborn dirt after fixing a bike, or get hands clean after doing a craft project with the kids.
  • Artists - Easily clean oil paint off your hands, dried on acrylic from under your fingers, or chalk and pastels that would otherwise stain.
  • Woodworkers - remove varnish and stains that soap will not, or take off sticky glue or other spray on adhesives without using anything dangerous.
  • Removes sticky resins and tar, and will wash away asphalt and concrete too.
  • Cuts through greasy substances and scrubs away stubborn ones. It is ideal for occasional use by anyone, and gentle enough for everyday use by anyone that works with their hands.
Item Number: 12-005
Manufacturer: NEOPlex

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